XFree86 on Linux-Mips

focusing on SGI© Indy and Indigo2

Please send corrections, suggestions, documentation, pizza and hardware to Guido Günther (agx@sigxcpu.org).

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  4. Known Bugs
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  8. What about Express Graphics?
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Current Patches
Frank's 24bpp accel patch
Harware Cursor + I2 XL
Current Configs
XF86Config-4 for {Indy,I2} XL
xc/config/cf/host.def for server only builds
Current Binaries
XFee86 X-Server (2002-11-10 snapshot)


Compiling from source

To Do

I try to work on these items as they appear in the list below. Patches welcome.

Known Bugs

This is a list of currently known bugs, that show when using XFree86 on linux-mips. Some of them are not bugs in XFree86 itself but are simply triggered by the X-server.

Resolved Items / Bugs

Graphics Board Support:

This is the current support of mips based SGI© machines in XFree86:

Board Hinv Output Graphics Family Status1 Chip seen by CPU # of GEs
Iris Indigo XZ 4000 Graphics: GR2-XZ Express Unsupported HQ2 2/4
Indy XL 8bit Graphics board: Indy 8-bit Newport Supported REX 3 0
Indy XL 24bit Graphics board: Indy 24-bit Newport Supported2 REX 3 0
Indy XL {8,24}bit dual head option None - only first adaptor listed Newport? Unsupported REX 3? 0
Indigo2 XL Graphics board: XL Newport Supported2 REX 3 0
Indigo2 XZ Graphics board: GR3-XZ Express Unsupported HQ 2.1 2
Indigo2 Elan Graphics board: GR3-Elan Express Unsupported HQ 2.1 4
Indigo2 Extreme Graphics board: GU1-Extreme Express Unsupported HQ 2.1 8
Indigo2 {High,Maximum,Solid} Impact Graphics board: {High,Maximum,Solid} Impact Impact Unsupported HQ 3 1
O2 Graphics: CRM Rev C Moosehead Under development3 GBE 0
Octane Graphics board: {SSI,EMXI} ImpactSR? Unsupported4 ??? 2
1) Supported means that the driver works and the changes got merged int XFree86 CVS already. You may still encounter the bugs mentioned above.
2) The 24bpp mode is rather slow due to missing VDMA support in X-Server & kernel.
3) The O2 has a mappable framebuffer, so as soon as the fbdev is working in the kernel X will work too. Look here for details.
4) These machines are not supported by Linux at all.

To see your machines hinv output enter the prom and type hinv. More hinv and glxinfo output can be found at www.urban.ne.jp/home/mint/irix/hinv.html. Many more details about the various SGI© graphics boards are at http://sgistuff.g-lenerz.de/graphics.html.

Mouse Problems?

What about Express Graphics?

Unfortunately I know very little about the Express Graphics Systems found in Indigo2s and Indys:


Hardware I'm looking for

Here's a short list of hardware I'm looking for in order to add or improve XFree86 support. If you know somebody who sells something in the list below cheaper than on eBay please let me know:

Last updated: 2003-02-10