This is the old projects page, see piki for more up to date stuff.

Calendarserver and pykerberos

The Debian packaging of Apple's CalDAV Calendarserer finally moved to alioth and has been uploaded to the Debian archive.

There's also a pykerberos package that has our GSSWrap/Unwrap and password changing patches.


Smartmontools allows you to monitor hard disks health information (S.M.A.R.T.) of IDE, SCSI and SATA discs on linux and several other operating systems. For more information have a look at the Smartmontools Project Page.


DufFS allows you to mount WebDAV shares as Linux filesystems. It uses neon as WebDAV client library and libfuse to interact with FUSE - a kernel module that allows for filesystems in userspace (available since Linux 2.6.14, patches for earlier kernels are available on the FUSE site). To build DuFS from source you'll need To fetch the sources use:

darcs get

or if you don't have darcs available:

wget -r

For details about this release have a look at the NEWS file or the more detailed ChangeLog. If you're running Debian you can simply build the package with dpkg-buildpackage or debuild. Otherwise use cd duffs && chmod a+x ./configure && ./configure && make && make install.
For the last stable release (still using coda instead of fuse), use:

darcs get --tag=duffs_0.3.3

to optain the sources.

PowerPC Debian MPlayer Packages

The packages are recompiled versions for PPC of Christian Marrilat's Packages and usually only contain build-fixes for this architecture. Add this to your /etc/apt/sources.list:

deb mplayer/
deb-src mplayer/

The packages are built against Debian unstable.

Christian now handles the PPC and Sparc builds himself, which is great, since it leaves me more time for other things. Please have a look here:

Guido Guenther <>