Version: 0.9.0

Guido Günther

Repository Layout and Terminology
Importing Sources
Importing already existing Debian™ packages
Importing a new upstream version
Recovering from errors
Converting an existing Git™ repository
Upstream sources on a branch
Upstream sources not on a branch
Starting a Debian™ package from scratch
When upstream uses Git
No upstream tarballs
Upstream tarballs and linked upstream history
Upstream tarballs and separate upstream history
Branch layout
Building packages from the Git™ repository
Using a separate build dir
Invoking external programs
Running lintian
Pushing into a remote repository
Running postexport hook
Working with patches
Basic Workflow
Importing a new upstream version
Adding your first patch
Team maintenance
Releases and Snapshots
Customizing snapshot numbers
More on commit messages
Configuration files
Special use cases
Handling non-DFSG clean upstream sources
Importing NMUs
Building with Cowbuilder
Working on random packages
Sloppy tarball creation
A. Command Reference
gbp — Maintain Debian™ packages in Git
gbp-buildpackage — Build Debian™ packages from a Git™ repository
gbp-clone — Clone a repository from remote
gbp-config — Query configuration values
gbp-create-remote-repo — Create remote repositories
gbp-dch — Generate the Debian™ changelog from git commit messages
gbp-export-orig — Export upstream tarballs from a Git™ repository
gbp-import-dsc — Import Debian™ packages into a Git™ repository
gbp-import-dscs — Import multiple versions of a Debian source packages into a Git repository
gbp-import-orig — Import an upstream source into a git repository
gbp-pq — Manage quilt patches on patch queue branches in git
gbp-pristine-tar — Manage pristine-tar commits in a git repository
gbp-pull — Safely update a repository from remote
gbp-push — Push Debian™ packaging changes to a Git™ remote
gbp-tag — Tag a Debian™ packages in a Git™ repository
gbp.conf — Gbp configuration file
B. Copyright