Version: 0.9.0~exp6

Guido Guenther

Table of Contents
Repository Layout and Terminology
Importing Sources
Importing already existing Debian packages
Importing a new upstream version
Recovering from errors
Converting an existing Git repository
Upstream sources on a branch
Upstream sources not on a branch
Starting a Debian package from scratch
When upstream uses Git
No upstream tarballs
Upstream tarballs and linked upstream history
Upstream tarballs and separate upstream history
Branch layout
Building packages from the Git repository
Using a separate build dir
Invoking external programs
Running lintian
Pushing into a remote repository
Running postexport hook
Working with patches
Basic Workflow
Importing a new upstream version
Adding your first patch
Team maintenance
Releases and Snapshots
Customizing snapshot numbers
More on commit messages
Configuration files
Special use cases
Handling non-DFSG clean upstream sources
Importing NMUs
Building with Cowbuilder
Working on random packages
Sloppy tarball creation
Command Reference
gbp -- Maintain Debian packages in Git
gbp-buildpackage -- Build Debian packages from a Git repository
gbp-clone -- Clone a repository from remote
gbp-config -- Query configuration values
gbp-create-remote-repo -- Create remote repositories
gbp-dch -- Generate the Debian changelog from git commit messages
gbp-export-orig -- Export upstream tarballs from a Git repository
gbp-import-dsc -- Import Debian packages into a Git repository
gbp-import-dscs -- Import multiple versions of a Debian source packages into a Git repository
gbp-import-orig -- Import an upstream source into a git repository
gbp-pq -- Manage quilt patches on patch queue branches in git
gbp-pristine-tar -- Manage pristine-tar commits in a git repository
gbp-pull -- Safely update a repository from remote
gbp-push -- Push Debian packaging changes to a Git remote
gbp-tag -- Tag a Debian packages in a Git repository
gbp.conf -- Gbp configuration file