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[DIR] Parent Directory - [TXT] cinergyt2-sparc64-2.6.14.diff 12-Nov-2005 17:10 4K Linux: Let the cinergyT2 DVB-T card work on sparc64 [TXT] perdition-1.17-ldap-failover.diff 07-Nov-2005 17:10 13K Perdition: allow to specify several LDAP URIs for failover in the ldap backend [TXT] dhcpd3-ignore-client-uid.diff 10-Aug-2005 14:43 5.9K Dhcp3-Server: ignore the client uid in the lease database, helpfull for Windows/Linux dual boot machines if you're doing DDNS updates [TXT] apt-check-sigs.diff 15-Apr-2003 14:05 4.1K Apt-check-sigs: Allow for absolute dists/ in apt-check-sigs script [TXT] cscvs-bad-rlog-parser-no-cookie-fix.diff 04-Aug-2005 18:00 1.6K Cscvs: Fix cscvs's rlog parser for to work with Debian's rcs [TXT] davfs2-convert-uid-gid.diff 04-Aug-2005 18:05 1.0K Davfs2: Allow to pass uid=username (instead of uid=uidnumber) as mountoption to davfs2 [TXT] davfs2-parse-env.diff 04-Aug-2005 18:04 1.3K Davfs2: Parse PASSWD and http_proxy environment variables [TXT] davfs2-strip-trailing-slash.diff 29-Aug-2005 19:43 1.0K Davfs2: Strip trailing slash from directories to prevent gtk apps from crashing [TXT] jboss-farming-check-rename.diff 04-Aug-2005 18:03 676 JBoss3: Don't fail silently when farming fails [TXT] kio-slave-mountwatcher-fix-label-mounts.diff 04-Aug-2005 18:06 570 Kdebase: Don't list labled mounts twice in konqueror, etc [TXT] linux-bflags-scsi.diff 04-Aug-2005 18:08 956 Linux: honor blacklist flags even when there's no storage on lun 0 [TXT] mutella-share-dot-files.diff 28-Oct-2002 10:25 3.3K [TXT] mutella-sigusr1-reread-config.diff 28-Oct-2002 10:24 1.2K Mutella: Reread configuration on SIGUSR1 [TXT] quickcam-zoom-2.4.20.diff 04-Dec-2002 17:19 1.0K Linux: add quickcam zoom device ID [TXT] vim-gnu-arch-diff.diff 04-Aug-2005 18:02 639 Vim: properly highlight gnu arch generated diffs [TXT] pykerberos-linux.diff 22-Aug-2006 18:02 6072 Port pykerberos to heimdal/linux
More unsorted patches are here, PPC kernel stuff is here.


Some (mostly mips related) glibc patches can be found here.