• When: 2017-12-09
  • Number of patricipants: 4
  • Bowls of Chilli Con Soja cooked: 1
  • Bowls of Chilli Con Soja eaten: 1
  • Number of Debian Bugs fixed: ?
  • Number of package uploads: 2
  • Files transferred via XMPP: 5
  • Number of new XMPP accounts: 1



  • apt-cacher: deb http://apt:9999/debian/ main contrib non-free

Done Things

  • Uploaded Thunderbird 52.5 to Wheezy
  • New packages for selenium prepared
  • New packages for iptables-converter prepared
  • New packages kopano-webapp-plugin-files uploaded to Debian's NEW queue
  • Got Weston on the Boundary Devices i.MX6 Quad board to run (and partially Maynard as well), added a firmware package
  • Further work on getting the free parts of ngspice into Debian main