Suite to help with maintaining Debian packages in Git repositories.


GBP ships the following tools:

  • gbp buildpackage: build a package out of a git repository, check for local modifications and tag appropriately
  • gbp import-{dsc,dscs}: import existing Debian source packages into a git repository
  • gbp import-orig: import a new upstream version into the git repository
  • gbp export-orig: export an upstream tarball from the git repository
  • gbp dch: generate Debian changelog entries from Git commit messages
  • gbp pq: maintain debian/patches on a patch queue branch
  • gbp clone: clone a remote repository and make it ready for gbp buildpackage
  • gbp pull: pull from a remote repository and update the necessary branches
  • gbp create-remote-repo: mirror your git repository to a remote side
  • gbp config: print configuration values
  • gbp push: push content to remote repositories
  • gbp tag: tag a Debian package in git
  • gbp pristine-tar: create pristine-tar commits

There's also some support for maintaining RPMs in (gbp buildpackage-rpm, gbp import-srpm, gbp pq-rpm, gbp rpm-ch). and helpers in /usr/share/doc/git-buildpackage/examples/:

  • gbp-add-patch: Commits a patch to the current branch and uses the patch header for the commit message, useful after gbp pq export.



Source Code

The source code is available via:

git clone

and can be browsed here.

There's also a clone on github.

Debian packages

Debian packages of git-buildpackage can be downloaded from the Debian Archive.


If not on a Debian system you can fetch the package from pypi:

pip install gbp


For enhancements and feature requests you can either use the Debian bugtracking system or email me directly.

Mailing List

git-buildpackage has it's own mailing list for general discussion and patches.

If you encounter a security issue please report it via the above channels.


Here's my current gbp.conf.

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git-buildpackage was written by Guido G√ľnther with contributions from many individuals. See the changelog for attributions.


git-buildpackage is free software and licensed under the GPL Version 2.