Suite to help with maintaining Debian packages in Git repositories.


GBP ships the following tools:

  • gbp buildpackage: build a package out of a git repository, check for local modifications and tag appropriately
  • gbp import-{dsc,dscs}: import existing Debian source packages into a git repository
  • gbp import-orig: import a new upstream version into the git repository
  • gbp export-orig: export an upstream tarball from the git repository
  • gbp dch: generate Debian changelog entries from Git commit messages
  • gbp pq: maintain debian/patches on a patch queue branch
  • gbp clone: clone a remote repository and make it ready for gbp buildpackage
  • gbp pull: pull from a remote repository and update the necessary branches
  • gbp create-remote-repo: mirror your git repository to a remote side
  • gbp config: print configuration values
  • gbp push: push content to remote repositories
  • gbp tag: tag a Debian package in git
  • gbp pristine-tar: create pristine-tar commits

There's also some support for maintaining RPMs in (gbp buildpackage-rpm, gbp import-srpm, gbp pq-rpm, gbp rpm-ch). and helpers in /usr/share/doc/git-buildpackage/examples/:

  • gbp-add-patch: Commits a patch to the current branch and uses the patch header for the commit message, useful after gbp pq export.



Source Code

The source code is available via:

git clone

and can be browsed here.

There's also a clone on github.

Debian packages

Debian packages of git-buildpackage can be downloaded from the Debian Archive.

RPM based distributions

If you're on a rpm based distribution that doesn't ship gbp you can use the spec file in the packaging folder as a template to build an gbp as rpm.


If all else fails you can fetch the package from pypi:

pip install gbp

but be prepared to tweak some options since the this is mostly meant to make using gbp's python classes in other projects. However patches to improve this are welcome.


For enhancements and feature requests you can either use the Debian bugtracking system or email me directly.

Mailing List

git-buildpackage has it's own mailing list for general discussion and patches.

If you encounter a security issue please report it via the above channels.


Here's my current gbp.conf.

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git-buildpackage was written by Guido G√ľnther with contributions from many individuals. See the changelog for attributions.


git-buildpackage is free software and licensed under the GPL Version 2.