package documentation

The various things needed by git-buildpackage and friends

Module command_wrappers Simple class wrappers for the various external commands needed by git-buildpackage and friends
Module config handles command line and config file option parsing for the gbp commands
Module dch provides git-dch helpers
Package deb provides some debian source package related helpers
Module errors Errors raised in gbp commands
Module format Format a message
Package git Accessing Git from python
Module log Simple colored logging classes
Module notifications No module docstring; 0/1 variable, 1/4 function documented
Module patch_series Handle Patches and Patch Series
Module paths Helpers to handle paths
Package pkg Common functionality of the Debian/RPM package helpers
Package rpm provides some rpm source package related helpers
Package scripts The gbp commands
Module tmpfile Temporary directory handling
Module tristate A switch with three states: on|off|auto
Module version The current gbp version number