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Kerberos and SAP on Linux
15th January 2009

The details on howto add GSSAPI/Kerberos to your Linux SAP server are nicely explained here (German). The only annoyance is that one has to hand edit the sources for the SNC adaptor. Therefore I've pushed an already patched tree (as desribed in the above document) here:

git clone

To build the source simply do a:

cd sncadapt 

And to "install" the resulting shared object copy to the location you specified for snc/gssapi_lib, e.g.:

cp /usr/local/lib64/

The document also assumes you're using AD, so creating the principal for the server and extracting it's keytab takes several steps. If you're using e.g. Heimdal you can simply do a:

ktutil -k sapsrv.keytab get SAPService/

and copy the resulting file from your KDC to your server.

Tags: single-sign-on.

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