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GNOME Prepaid-manager-applet status
22nd March 2011

Thanks to Dan merging my changes into mobile-broadband-provider-info and ModemManager the prepaid-manager applet now doesn't need any external dependencies patched which is great news. However I still didn't get around to make it work on the very common Huawei 3G chipsets though. Once this is done the ui needs a lift up badly.

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krb5-auth-dialog GNOME3 status
16th March 2011

Hello Planet GNOME! As of 2.91.91 krb5-auth-dialog should be fairly usable in GNOME3. The status icon is gone if the notification service supports persistence, we migrated to GDBus and to the new Control Panel.

notification with gnome-shell

The move to DConf is still missing though.

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git-buildpackage tip #4: creating remote repositories
11th March 2011

In order to ease creation of remote repositories to publish your Debian packaging work git-buildpackage ships gbp-create-remote-repo: If you run

gbp-create-remote-repo --remote-url-pattern='ssh://'

from inside a git repository it will create a remote repository on in the given directory, push your debian, upstream and pristine-tar branches into it and set up branch tracking so you can easily use gbp-pull or git pull to update your local repository from there. '%(pkg)s' will be replaced by the source packages name. If you want to be more explicit you can use:

gbp-create-remote-repo --remote-url-pattern='ssh://'

so no substitution will take place. In case you only want to push to that repository but not pull from there you can use the --no-track option so gbp-create-repo won't set up any branch tracking.

If you specify the remote-url-pattern via gbp.conf calling:


is enough to create a repo on your favorite git server. The default is to create new repositories in the collab-maint repository on

This feature is available in your $PATH since 0.5.16 (it was shipped in examples/ before) and was inspired by the Debian OCaml Maintainers dom-new-git-repo work.

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