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Git-buildpackage and 3.0 source format
26th January 2010

Here's a short overview of 3.0 source format support in git-buildpackage 0.4.64:

One loose end is the handling of multiple upstream tarballs (#561071, #561072). I'd be great to hear from people already using this feature how this can best be added into the gbp workflow.

The newer kids in town gbp-clone, gbp-pull (for keeping the repo up to date when using team maintenance) and gbp-pq (for managing the quilt patch-queue) don't care about the underlying source package format. These three are a bit underdocumented in the manual but information about the workflow is in the wiki.

Tags: debian, git.
Iceowl extensions 1.0b1 in experimental
23rd January 2010

Release 1.0beta1 of Iceowl-extension (also known as Lightning), the calendaring extensions for Icedove, is now available in experimental. This version works with Icedove 3.0.1 which also lives in experimental at the moment.

Open TODOs for Iceowl:

Iceowl's current packaging git is here:

Any help on the above issues is greatly appreciated. Other open tasks that need fixing in order to get things in shape for Squeeze:

Tags: debian.

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