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Libguestfs: Detecting Debian kernels and packages
2nd March 2010

Here are some more examples of libguestfs usage:

What kernels, modules and packages are in a (currently powered off) libvirt based virtual machine vmfoo:

virt-inspector -c qemu:///system vmfoo

Show free space in virtual machine vmfoo:

virt-df -c qemu:///system vmfoo

List file systems:

virt-list-filesystems -c qemu:///system -l vmfoo

Edit /etc/passwd in vmfoo:

virt-edit -c qemu:///system lenny-base-clone /etc/passwd

Tell guestfish to mount all filesystems of virtual machine vmfoo for more complex inspection and manipulation tasks like LVM operations, partitioning, resizing or filesystem check or creation:

guestfish $(virt-inspector -c qemu:///system --ro-fish vmfoo)

Debian packages are still on alioth.

Tags: debian, libvirt.

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