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Linking Debian Changelogs back to the Vcs
8th November 2008

When following Debian changelogs (e.g. via apt-listchanges or update-manager) one often wonders what an actual commit messages actually means or how a bug got actually fixed. Currently finding this information is cumbersome:

However this process can be automated if a package uses the following format for changelog entries:

* [commitd] changelog message


* [fed3f3d] fixed segfault during daemon startup (Closes: #7005180)

then you can use Cl2vcs to locate the exact commit that corressponds to that changelog entry. Cl2vcs uses the PTS to parse the packages Vcs-Browser URL to create a link back to the commit.

If you maintian your package in Git, creating this type of changelog entry is simple: You can tell git-dch to include N digits of the commit's SHA1 (the commit id) using the --id-length option, e.g.:

git-dch --release --auto --id-length=7

This way git-dch will include the first 7 digits of the commit's SHA1 (this options can of course also be specified in gbp.conf). Packages already using this are e.g. libvirt and calendarserver.

Note: a possibly useful extension of the above format would be:

 * [commitid1,commitid2,commitid3] changelog message 

so several commits can make up a changelog entry. For Subversion this would then look like:

 * [r123,r125.r127] cleanup whitespace errors
Tags: debian, git.

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