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git-buildpackage tip #4: creating remote repositories
11th March 2011

In order to ease creation of remote repositories to publish your Debian packaging work git-buildpackage ships gbp-create-remote-repo: If you run

gbp-create-remote-repo --remote-url-pattern='ssh://'

from inside a git repository it will create a remote repository on in the given directory, push your debian, upstream and pristine-tar branches into it and set up branch tracking so you can easily use gbp-pull or git pull to update your local repository from there. '%(pkg)s' will be replaced by the source packages name. If you want to be more explicit you can use:

gbp-create-remote-repo --remote-url-pattern='ssh://'

so no substitution will take place. In case you only want to push to that repository but not pull from there you can use the --no-track option so gbp-create-repo won't set up any branch tracking.

If you specify the remote-url-pattern via gbp.conf calling:


is enough to create a repo on your favorite git server. The default is to create new repositories in the collab-maint repository on

This feature is available in your $PATH since 0.5.16 (it was shipped in examples/ before) and was inspired by the Debian OCaml Maintainers dom-new-git-repo work.

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