Handles commandline options and parsing of config files for Debian tools

Method _warn_old_gbp_conf Undocumented

Inherited from GbpOptionParser:

Instance Variable command the gbp command we store the options for (type: string)
Instance Variable prefix prefix to prepend to all commandline options (type: string)
Instance Variable config current configuration parameters (type: dict)
Class Variable defaults defaults value of an option if not in the config file or given on the command line (type: dict)
Class Variable help help messages (type: dict)
Class Variable def_config_files config files we parse (type: dict (type, path))
Class Method get_config_files Get list of config files from the GBP_CONF_FILES environment variable.
Method config_file_sections List of all found config file sections
Method parse_lists Parse options that can be given as lists
Method parse_config_files Parse the possible config files and set appropriate values default values
Method __init__ No summary
Method get_default get the default value
Method get_opt_names Undocumented
Method add_config_file_option No summary
Method add_boolean_config_file_option Undocumented
Method get_config_file_value Query a single interpolated config file value.
Method print_help Print an extended help message, listing all options and any help text provided with them, to 'file' (default stdout).
Method _read_config_file Read config file
Method _warn_old_config_section Undocumented
Static Method _listify No summary
Method _is_boolean is option_name a boolean option
Method _get_bool_default get default for boolean options this way we can handle no-foo=True and foo=False
Class Method _name_to_filename Translate a name like 'system' to a config file name
Class Method _set_config_file_value Write a config value to a file creating it if needed
def _warn_old_gbp_conf(self, gbp_conf):
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