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Swirlberry - screenshots
25th August 2008

Here are some Swirlberry screenshots

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Swirlberry - kerberized email on the Openmoko Freerunner
21st August 2008

Thanks to the the great work of the pkg-fso team you can now install Debian onto your Openmoko Freerunner. This gives you access to all Debian packages and makes it a great tool for you mails, contacts, etc. Here's howto get kerberized email on the Freerunner:

Afterwards you have a tiny email client usable on your Freerunner. Connect to wireless via the network manager applet and enter your kerberos password via krb5-auth-dialog applet (both in the lower right corner of your panel) then fire up TMut via the icon in the lower left corner of the panel.

Things that could be a bit nicer though:

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DE8100 and tangogps
17th August 2008

Although tangogps parses NMEA GGA and RMC messages it only uses the later one to determine the current position. Since the current revision 2 of TEConcept's DE8100 Loran Receiver doesn't send out RMC sentences but has position information in it's GGA sentences (of which it stores up to 256 in a ring buffer) this patch is needed to make the two play together.

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