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Entries from July 2010.

Git-buildpackage in experimental
14th July 2010

Git-buildpackage 0.5.0 in experimental fixes quiete some bugs related to the import of upstream sources and Debian source packages. By getting rid of a complete source tree copy it also got about 50% faster when doing so. Since the code changed quiete a bit in that area it'd be great if some of you could give it some testing before I'll push it to unstable.

Tags: debian, git.
krb5-auth-dialog: Simple AFS plugin
9th July 2010

I've just added a simple afs plugin to krb5-auth-dialog. It just calls either aklog or afslog after acquiring or renewing your Kerberos ticket to get you into your AFS cell. To activate it use

gconftool-2 --set --list-type=string --type=list /apps/krb5-auth-dialog/plugins/enabled [afs]

and restart krb5-auth-dialog. A package with the above enabled has been uploaded to Debian. Thanks to the test account in the cell provided by Jörg Herzinger I could test this easily and I have to say that AFS looks like a cool thing.

Tags: debian, gnome, single-sign-on.

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