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Libguestfs: Virtual Machine Image Swiss Army Knife
21st February 2010

I've finally updated the libguestfs Debian packages to 1.0.84 getting them back in sync with upstream. Download instructions are on the pkg-libvirt's wiki page.

Fetching files from a vm image with guestfish is as simple as:

guestfish --ro -a lenny-base-clone.img -m /dev/debian/root download /etc/passwd /tmp/passwd

After hacking around #561991 by running debirf as root we now do pass the testsuite again. The new version includes fuse support as well as the hivex tools to manipulate windows registries.

The source for the Debian package is available at The next step will be to split out the appliance so we can fetch that one via http and upload libguestfs to contrib.

Tags: debian, libvirt.

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