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GNOME Prepaid Manager, ModemManager and Huawei modems
31st May 2011

I've made a first release of GNOME Prepaid Manager a couple of days ago after switching to GTK+3, GSettings and PyGObject's GObject introspection but it still wasn't that useful since the very common Huawei chipsets (present in many UMTS USB sticks) weren't working due to some missing code in ModemManager.

GNOME Prepaid Manager screenshot

Thanks to Dan's great description I just got around to add that which should make ppm useful to more people.

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whatmaps 0.0.2
21st May 2011

I have just released whatmaps 0.0.2. This release fixes a regex bug that resulted in some shared objects not being considered when looking for programs that map them. This resulted in some daemons not being restarted.

It also adjusts the name of the apache package for Debian Squeeze making automatic restarts work again for this daemon.

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